T A K E  T H E  N E X T  S T E P!

Next Steps is our 3 week on-ramp to becoming a member and a part of the great team here at CLC. Our hope is to see everyone who comes through our doors Gather in worship, Connect through Community Groups and Serve with one of our teams!

Our goal through Next Steps is to familiarize you with our Beliefs, Vision, Values, as well as to help you discover where you fit best in God’s Kingdom.

Next Steps consists of 3 meetings:

CONNECT- This is a simple connection event with our Pastor and ministry team. The main objective is simply to Connect with you! CLC Connect always takes place on a Sunday Evening and lasts from 6:00 – 7:30 pm!

DISCOVER- On the following Sunday after ‘Connect’ we will meet again for 2 Sessions that will help you Discover who we are, who you are & why you’ll love it here!

DEPLOY- On the Sunday following Discover, we have a half hour meet and greet with our Team Leaders and Community Groups directly following our Worship Service. Our goal is to get you connected to our Serve Teams & Community Groups!